Sunday, January 25, 2009

some people do read this blog!!!

I'm flabbergasted, I've just been reading a post about this blog on the Guitarz blog, and I must admit that I never really considered that anybody would look at my stuff, but a few friends to whom I can send this link when they ask me about my last activities.

GL Wilson from Guitarz makes a special mention of the "neckless guitar" project - this is encouraging and I will keep working on it - and expects to see some real building soon. I'm still busy with other things right now but in February I will start the OSB version of the 7-string guitar.

Lately I've been looking for answers to an important question: "
where is the best position for a neck pickup" (even more important when you make one-pickup-in-neck-position guitars). I've been reading that 24-fret necks are not as good as 22-fret since they prevent to put the pick-up at the "harmonic node" of the strings (it was Robert Smith on about the conception of his Schecter Ultracure) - but several guitar makers to whom I asked the question told me that it is just a matter of taste and that I should try different positions until I can make the best choice (if you have more information about this question, it's welcome)...

But I don't think that for my prototypes I will build and string a guitar without the pickup and try I don't know how and check the sound, so all I can do is copy the position from my own favorite guitar...


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