Monday, December 8, 2008

more cardboard

more cardboard guitars, on the left and down, the two models I've decided to build (with bridges and pickups), and on the right, two new models I intend to develop later: a 14 string (2 x 7) baritone with effects included (fuzz, trem, chorus) - my very own ultra deluxe model - and an experimental neckless guitar.
This one should be both cheap and easy to build as I just avoid to make a neck and can cut it out of a 100 x 30 planck. No idea if this is a complete dead-end (well it's upseting that it doesn't exist already and I can't imagine that nobody had the idea before) but the concept is to make it thin enough to keep it light, but that there is enough wood for good acoustic, to keep the work on the neck minimal (it will still be round - and it fits to my playing style since I studied first classical guitar and kept the thumb-behind technic since).
the only real difficullty is to fret the fingerboard (why don't they sell pre-fretted boards? - anyway I at least found some precut), then tuners, string-through-body bridge, one splitable humbercker, a push-pull knob, a jack-socket and that's it! I'll work on it when I'm finished with the first projects...

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