Thursday, December 25, 2008

more sketches

hmm, what I feared happened: though I tried to stop thinking of guitar designs, couldn't help having my brain work and my fingers sketch some more guitars, and now I reach this last model, more ergonomic, more original, more pure, more radical... but more difficult to achieve since it requires to be really balanced and not only look like it ; so it would have to be made out of wood several times before being worth making for good.
still quite influenced by the Ovation Breadwinner - well one the best designs and best guitars to me - with something also from the famous Klein ergonomic guitar but with more concern for style - a little bit like the Teuffel Tesla but more rock.
it might seem that there is too much wood, that would make it too heavy, but like my other projects, I think of it chambered - with an aluminium front -, and the upper part would be chamfered front under the right arm and back under the ribcage.
and last thing, I found out that if I make several quick drawings, I can with the different approximations create a lot of details that I wouldn't find just with brain work, hence the many different versions - will probably make much more before I go to real size - if I do.

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