Monday, August 22, 2016

Musima Eterna ready for next concert

Last week I cleaned up my Musima Eterna, as I decided to finally use it for a music project - not just collecting... 

In October, I will be part of a recording/concert sessions going on in Vienna - I will tell more about it in due time - for which I want to equally use guitar, electronics and voice, and I was looking for a way to break my patterns - that's when the Eterna hanging on the wall blinked at me. With its extra fat neck and overwound pickups, it will be nothing like the super easily playable Jaguar or Epsilon I usually use.

Shortly after I bought it, the tremolo arm broke and there is no way I can replace it - and the substitute I tried didn't work - it's not a standard model. The electronics look strange to me - but I'm not a specialist -, still they work fine and need no change. The bridge and tremolo were heavily greased - super dirty but preserved from rust. So at the end it was mostly just cleaning and polishing, tightening screws, putting new strings and it's ready to rock again! I didn't bring it to the studio yet to play loud but I think that it will fit well to my current pedal combination - and that's a topic for a next post. 

(BTW, only after I bought this guitar, I found out that Kim Gordon used one when she recorded with Free Kitten, and I couldn't imagine a better predecessor...)

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