Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a Les Trem II for my Jaguar Special HH

I added a Duesenberg Les Trem II vibrato to my Jaguar Special HH  (my concert guitar) and I'm very happy with it! Never been a big whammy bar user, but lately I started to feel the need for it, either for improvised music (can't work with 10 new guitarists without picking new tricks here and there) or for some songs I keep composing even though I didn't record or perform any so far… 

A Jaguar usually comes with its trademark vibrato but the Special HH has a stock hardtail, with still enough room behind the bridge to produce chiming sounds… I was afraid that the Les Trem might damage the sound or at least make the guitar easily out of tune but it's not the case, I'm 100% content with it… I still plan to change the bridge for a Turnomatic roller one, now that I'm sure to keep the trem.

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