Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna, concert in Fluc, Vienna

Here is a video of my first band project for many years - the Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna, with no less than 9 guitarists! It is still quite chaotic - it's improvised music after all - but we have plenty of ideas and will to improve our music. This song was the finale of last week's concert, everything was not so  rhythmical and assonant, there were some moments of raw noise but also more melodic pieces…

You'll find a short review and some good pictures here. Now we're looking for concerts!

Line-up: Eric Arn (guitar), Bertram Dhellemmes
 (guitar), Johanna Forster (guitar), Vincenzo Granato (guitar), Marcin Ł. Morga (bass), Diego Mune (guitar), Pailander (drums), Markus Reiter (guitar), Markus Steinkellner (guitar), Margaret Unknown (guitar), Christoph Weikinger (guitar).

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