Wednesday, January 8, 2014

more sketches

music of the month: it's been long since my last post so I heard a lot of music, and it's not easy to chose. What actually stood up are bits of Astor Piazzolla songs I heard here and there - at the music school where I take my kid every week, practiced by a piano/violin duo in the studio next door, or in a metro station performed by a busking Russian band with accordion, hammered dulcimer and contrabass balalaika… I love Piazzolla, at some part of my life I've been listening exclusively to his music - I guess at the time I was myself playing the most hardcore noise music…

Otherwise even though I couldn't draw so much, I did many things - I started a new band called the Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna with many guitarists, and we play our first concert at the end of January.  I joined the Neu New York/Vienna Institute of Improvised Music sessions - that's how they call the monday evening improv jams at the Celeste jazz club -, and had the opportunity to play with very fine musicians there - more free jazz than noise improv but it's good to explore new areas, that's what I need right now. I learned how to use the Volcas I acquired a few weeks ago and I start to know what I can and want to do with them - though I still have to test them in a studio at high volume. 

And of course the Epsilon project goes on - though it's not in my hands anymore for the moment - and further projects are in discussion, we should build the Alpha next, and we are considering creating a company…  

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