Saturday, September 21, 2013

N log h 4./CD2

Today, for no reason, I listened to one of my old CDs - something I didn't do for years! It was released in 1999 (if I remember well) on my own short lived label Kinpatsu, under the name I used by then - N log h (don't ask me what it means, it's a long story...) - for different projects, videos, performances, CDs...

I just shared a few tracks on my Soundcloud, if someone's interested... At the time I was into uncompromising noise and experimental music, and I was just starting to put my fingers on music softwares. I'm happy to hear that - in my opinion - this music didn't age too bad, and that I can still stand for it 100% today.

I still have a box full of these CDs somewhere, they sold very poorly for I've never been talented to make money with any of my numerous activities - shortly after I released it I created a dance company and focused on performances for several years...


  1. Respect your work. You went for a specific type of sound/feeling, and I think you achieved it pretty well.

    1. thank you.

      the song called 'bertram' (the songs have the name of the computer files they were stored in) was used for a performance by a swedish butoh company whose choreographer ended up working for some Madonna's video… such is my life amongst the stars...


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