Wednesday, August 14, 2013

new pedal board and stuff

Having acquired some new pedals lately I have to rethink my pedal board - and eventually I have to double it - I need to put about 15 pedals on it and keep it transportable, I don't know yet how I will do that...

The Hardwire Supernatural and the Empress Tape Delay really changed my sound and the way I play, I relay now on the sole Inductor Guitars MP-1 for drive/fuzz, I start to use regularly the Montreal Assembly Wrong Side of Uranus bitcrusher though I still don't really understand how it works, and as you can see I failed to re-house my Dan'o Rocky Road faux-Leslie, and though it's uneasy to use I do like its sound a lot...

I also just bought a channel switcher that allows me to organize all that and clean my sound, and I'm waiting for a new repeat percussion (a kit, gotta heat my soldering iron)... I'm getting ready for my new music project about which I'm quite excited.

Something else, David from Michigan having noticed that I changed the pickguard of my Paul Westerberg signature First Act and looking for an original 'ugly plaid one' for his, asked for mine, and I sent it to him (I still have to etch the alu one I made).

I take the opportunity to suggest to you to have a look at and support former Replacements guitarist Slim  Dunlap, who suffered a stroke and lives in the glorious US of A, where real people cannot afford insurance.


  1. Any updates on your pedal board? Very interested in finding out what you end up doing!

    1. not yet, now I'm still busy with the sound and that will decide how the pedalboard will be... also I haven't decided yet if I will make one big or another small one - both options will result in transportation problem.... but I'm on it!


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