Saturday, February 2, 2013

more sketches

Music of the week: Erik Satie's piano solo works - you know, these things so classic that you don't really listen anymore, or don't think you should own them because you will always hear them on the radio, until you figure out that you need to listen very carefully, at home, in a quiet atmosphere... 
I also bought the Gymnopedies scores, for the piano players at home (everybody but me...)   


  1. I love de design of the guitar (c) in the first picture. I think the body and the headstock matched very well. Congratulations. Fabiano

  2. I love your blog Bertram. Erik Satie is just essential. I am constantly searching for what I remember to be the best version of his piano works. I had a cassette in the 80s, I don't know the pianist was, but it was the best rendition of Satie I've ever heard. Can't find it. I'll keep searching. There are so many pianist's versions of Satie out there, but so few realise the brilliance of the music for me. A few guitarists have tried. Steve Hackett did a fairly good job, but Satie's work really needs piano, not guitar.

    1. Thank you Howard. When I listen to my girlfriend learning how to play the Gymnopedies, I realise how difficult this music that sounds so simple actually is!


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