Saturday, August 18, 2012

more sketches

Didn't listen much to music in the last days, I had guests and prefer not to impose my music... But I still played some Herbie Hancock and Headhunters, also watched on YouTube live videos of late Cure concerts with Reeves Gabrels holding the guitar - I understand that he will still part of the band for the next album, that is promising... And I looked at and listened to some Steve Reich - also on YouTube...

I'm still late on many RL projects like usually, yet I expect to post more regularly here now...


  1. I like them all, but B is really something.

  2. thank you Alex, I draw less lately but I think more!

  3. I agree B is pretty damn cool. I don't know how comfortable that sharkfin would actually be in reality but cool.
    Please get a copy of Steve Reich, Variations on CD and listen to it on Headphones. You will love it. Youtube does not do music like that justice.

  4. I have my Ovation Breadwinner in front of me all the time as an inspiration, and shark fin is really ergonomic, I can tell!

    and you're right about listening to music on CDs on a proper sound system, I have to stop listening on my laptop... but YouTube helps me searching for my next CDs - lately I'm checking what Reich wrote for electric guitars!

  5. I guess if your playing it seated then I see your point. Not familiar with the guitar pieces will have to check them out.

  6. Hello! A and B are very close to guitars I call "guitarosaurus" :)
    These are pair of my last sketches ("Umberto-like" if you remember))
    and strange acoustic guitar
    also my last Warmoth assembly
    Good luck!!!

  7. to Genghis: the breadwinner-style shark fin is comfortable in any position - also I usually don't plat with a low horizontal guitar but with a high neck - the classical way, or à la Angus if you prefer...

    to Yaroslav: I like your Umberto bass, but it's almost too much - I try to keep my designs sober, even when on the edge of extravagant...


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