Monday, July 16, 2012

more sketches

I've decided to cheer up my guitar sketches posts with a few lines about music - more exactly about the music I listen to while drawing. Most of the time I listen to many kinds of music on the radio or social networks, so I will focus on albums that made it through, or musics that are new to me.

So on my album list are newly acquired Lou Reed's Berlin and The DronesWait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By (about which I will write on my upcoming CDs non-review post). Also Gong's Shamal, an album I faithfully listen to since its release in 1975 (I didn't buy it then - I was too young -, but it was at home I don't know why, and I've been a Gong fan ever since, even in my gloomiest batcave teenage time), and that I used to motivate myself to get out of bed and proceed with daily life though it happened on unusually early hours.

My favorite band of the week is Black Angels that I just discovered thanks to Fuzz Box Girl's mix-tape, and of which I looked at all the live videos I could find on YouTube - I'm jealous of these guys, truly! And I thought I discovered something great when I heard this song of the Killers with Lou Reed, Tranquilize, then I heard other songs and without Lou Reed's presence, it's quite shallow, in spite of their singer's talent...

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