Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my own signature guitar

I usually sketch many guitars, week after week, any kind of guitars, just for research purpose and without any restriction. Then I was thinking about the guitar I would really want for myself, and I came up with this model that gathers a few things I like and others I though about...

Lately I'm using mostly my Epiphone Dot, that fits better than any of my other guitars for my current project. It's not a high end guitar and I have more sophisticated, but the sound and the feel are what I need for now. So my dream guitar would be a semi-hollow - not all curves like the ES-335, but with a Bison style florentine double-cutaway, like a Zen-On Morales from the 1960s - the only model I know with such a design.

The gear would consist of an universal pickup, two or three universal knobs, a 3x3 aligned tuners headstock and a moon-shaped stoptail - plus moon crescent holes and a contoured metal scratchplate... Though since I designed this guitar I start to have a need for a self-tuning bridge à la Wilkinson, that would not only keep my guitar tuned but could also shift from one open tuning to another... Also this one has seven strings, I'm not sure about that - didn't finish the 7-string project yet, the lower horn is bothering but I'm not happy about just removing it! 

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  1. I like double-horn guitars and currently I own one fully-hollow-body. It's a result of attractive experiment. Quite pointy and strange...
    Hope you like it :)



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