Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pickguard sketch

Was watching yesterday at the short lived Tele Junior with its very cool reduced pickguard - on the Doppelcaster it would look quite good... Now I'm suffering trying to make the two bodies fit exactly to glue them together... Will ask soon the help of a pro because I have the feeling that what I try to do might be completely stupid!


  1. I think the fact that you cut the bodies with that angle in the middle, might be what's making it tricky. Geting the angle exactly the same on both parts can't be easy. Personally I would have gone for a single straight cut across giving a single surface to glue, and I would then would have shaped the cutaway area between the two necks afterwards. (Sorry, I do not mean to sound so critical).

    How were you going to glue them together? Were you going to drill holes in each side and install dowells?

  2. you're right, I've been optimistic... if my pro friend doesn't reveal some woodwork secret to fix this, I'll probably have to find a table saw, recut straight including the lower horn of the upper part and reglue everything before reshaping the cutaway...

    and I planed to cut mortises in the back and insert a tenon, but here again I will wait for expertise before screwing things more... the problem is that I have just one month to finish it - it has to be in my next show (it's in the production budget!)


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