Tuesday, November 18, 2008

more concrete stuff

This is the raw material for the two guitars project - one cheap one to try out - doesn't mean it will be bad, and also if it works I will upgrade what is upgradable - then the main project.
So number one will be a seven string guitar with a second hand Ibanez imitation neck (no brand), a glued birch chambered body with aluminium front, one brandless splitable humbucker (first to be replaced) in bridge position and strings-through-body bridge.
Number two will be a baritone guitar with a beautiful brand new 30' scale Danelectro neck, one piece chambered mahogany body with aluminium front, one double humbucker Kent Armstrong Motherbucker in bridge position, spitable twice (I hope), strings-through-body bridge.
Though I've been studying a lot in the last weeks, I feel like I'm travelling blind but it's the thrill of it. I almost decided the design - I'm currently working on templates, to be shown in the next post.

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